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I’ve always been a creative person and have loved all forms of art.


After getting a degree in graphic design, I started focusing on photography. It’s a great joy to turn everyday life into works of art that will last a lifetime.


But the best part about what I do is getting to combine photography and design. So often finding the perfect image is a challenge in creating a brochure, flier, website, etc. I love being able to take my camera and capture the right image needed for the design -- there’s really no better way to add credibility and a professional look to your website, flier, or brochure, than including custom photography.

I specialize in outdoor photography with natural light. If you have a place in mind, I’m happy to meet you there. Otherwise, I’m happy to suggest a location.


During your session, we’ll take several candid photos, as well as portraits, to make sure you have all the images you need.


When we’re finished, I’ll provide you with a jump drive with hi-res, edited photos. I’ll also include a photo copyright release that allows you to make as many prints as you’d like.

We’ll spend some time talking about your project. I want to learn about your business and what you’re hoping to accomplish.


I’ll then get any branding or imagery from you that you want to include. If custom photography is needed, I’ll make sure to schedule a photo shoot of you and/or your  business.

Once I have all of the pieces, I will produce whatever products you have ordered. Then I’ll send the project to you for one round of revisions. After those are implemented, the piece is ready for you to use.

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