I have built websites for everyone from lawyers to computer parts salesmen. Every site I do is personalized to the client, and tailored to meet their business needs. I can also coordinate your site with market sites, such as Amazon and Facebook Market, so customers can purchase your products seamlessly and quickly.

Free Estate Planning
Free Estate Planning is a "full-service Estate Planning group that is dedicated to making comprehensive estate plans affordable and available to everyone. It is estimated that over 100 million people in America do not have an estate plan. Millions of moms and dads have no idea who would take care of their children if they could not, or who would help them with financial or medical decisions during a critical time, or where, or to whom their property would go to when they pass on...
Urban Heights
Urban Heights is a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The Evangelical Covenant Church seeks to form and nurture communities that are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and passionately engaged in Christ’s mission in the world.

I am grateful that I had an opportunity to serve and help update their website.
Harrington Law LC
Harrington Law LC: with over fifteen years of experience as a lawyer in the courts of Iowa standing up for people’s rights, whether as a private attorney, a prosecutor, or a child protection attorney, my law firm will provide the legal advice you need. The services my law office offers are family law, criminal defense, wills and trusts, business law, and juvenile law.
Harrington Law is proud to serve all of Central Iowa including Altoona, Ankeny, Bondurant, Carlisle, Clive, Des Moines, Grimes,
the CUPS diet
I had an opportunity to redesign "the Cups Diet" digital book cover for Dr. Mascaro.

"the CUPS diet ® is the original weight loss method that uses portion control based on food volume as determined by measuring cup increments. This new and clinically proven way to achieve weight loss encourages a healthy and balanced diet. "
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